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February 24, 2011

Caledonian Call

after a long haul,now is my time to speak on the reality.

well this one thing that kept playing in my mind is graduating,and mine is years to come

all of this due the failure derived from my underachieving judgements.

and as for now is my winter break,i took my time off to a delightful trip to Scandinavian capital and Caledonian my eyes and see the world that all these years i've learned through story books.

an enchanting journey which reminds me most of what i really want in life and what have I earned and achieved so far in life.I still see it all fall on the other side of is blurry.

but then i realized when one plants a seed

the seed grows and take years to turn into a tree

boy oh boy,see how can I make these years shorter

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November 10, 2010

Caffeinated and....another food for thought

just finished another chapter of Bill Bryson's Notes from a small Island which tells pretty much of everything about Britain.Oh how I treasure that piece of land along with its magnificent and distinctive medieval episode that definitely carved a significant trace in vast chapter of human civilization.It's 3:43 in the morning and i am uncannily unable to close my eyes and get some sleep.not to mention my class' at 8.

it's pretty intense then i grabbed another book that just arrived yesterday.and this may deviate most from my other travel collection but still under my radar of interests,it's an inside story of the world renowned economist,Warren Buffet by Alice Schroeder.

its not that i am going to however read it now neither write a brief introduction of it but all I want is just to share the forward notes of this really is a well-put-piece,and has great impact on me personally,hence we at the northern hemisphere are well on winter's doorstep anyway..haha.

and it goes

"It is the winter of Warren's ninth year.Outside in the yard,he and his little sister,Bertie,are playing in the snow.

Warren is catching snowflakes.One at a time at first.Then he is scooping them by handfuls.He starts to pack them into ball.As the snowball begins to roll.He gives it a push ,and picks up more snow.Soon he reaches the edge of the yard.After a moment of hesitation,he heads off,rolling the snow through the neighbourhood.And from there,Warren continues onward,casting his eye on a whole world full of snow."

            The Snowball : Warren Buffet and the Business of Life by Alice Schroeder

wow,and i cant wait to start reading it,exploring the mind and thinking of this economics genius and maybe adapt his way of ..thinking.Oh how I wish but now all I need is some sleep.=p
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November 06, 2010

Madrid is hosting MTV EMA 2010..hurmm (^^,)yummy

"and anytime i want,i can order french toast" so said Eva Longoria on her rap featured in MTV EMA teaser.she raps??yeah that surprised me a bit that i nearly swallow my spoon and choked since i was having my breakfast.darn it!!

she who always portrays a home-girl attitude and looks,will be hosting the event.

and this year MTV EMA will be held in Madrid,Spain.

Since me and me friends are going to spend our christmas break in Spain,
this year EMA 2010 caught my attention in a big way compare to the last year's EMA.
ps:sorry guys,I cant help in the travel planning this time around.

Well it's not that like we'r gona make it to the event,since the EMA is tomorrow,and our trip fall comfortably on christmas,let alone the eagerness to meet her in person ( whooops,not meeting her but being in an event with her presence ..yadda yadda)..The crew to set up the stage and all have been put to work for about a month now ,I believe they got it done already and spare today for rehearsing.oh, the effect will surely be astounding.

Im not sure whats the next best thing to be held in Madrid by the time we get there.
but i believe I have to start writing about the places i'v visited this past few years.
a friend of mine asked me to keep a log of the travels but im just too get-carried-away-by-other-nonsense that i couldnt find the time to pen my thoughts and whatnot on my site.The last time been to London, Lindsay lohan 'stranded' few blocks away from where we stayed and im sure there's lots of things going on.though there's nothing big,there's still something,LOL,so let just this be the first post of my travel journal,albeit the madrid's not happening just yet.but the MTV EMA 2010 is.

and as for now,imma catch the MTV EMA 2010 live from Madrid in the comfort of my home.
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October 05, 2010


i got this while watching an american tvseries at my leisure last night .

"we take the risks because the payoff can be so great "

snap snap :D
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October 04, 2010


this is exactly what i wanted,i am very certain
am I late bloomer? No I'm not,was just indecisive and .. hurm maybe plain lazy
fruits for thought,"better late than never"
get the momentum and plan how to keep it going
may the force be with me. amin.
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turn over a new leaf ll

i take back what i said on the previous post that i spent the past 2 years for nothing.
Truth is ...that 2 years was everything i wish would permanently be there, in the fold of the memories of my younger endeavor in Europe ,invading european cities east and west; observing the various cultures ; the walks of life ;the... everything.

just that my journey in completing a degree is affected and i had to go long way,and now things getting a bit off the blurry side.its getting clearer.and all i need is to get back on track and get what i wanted,and today my first day of the new semester :D

peace out

the image taken with my outdated w890i upon my arrival in regensburg ,
it's fall over here, and i had to re-adjust my
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October 03, 2010

turn over a new leaf

...and today is my first day back in germany,jetlag and all worries keep my nerve up for blogging after a year since my last update.everything in my world is like tumbled down . doomed that i have to collect the courage that left in me to turn the tide down.been spending my past 2 years for nothing and now i have 1,5 years to mend the broken episode.ready or not i gota work hard , be determined and only hope is that it'll go well
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